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    User Documentation

    TM8000/TP8000/TM9000/TP9000 Safety and Compliance Information

    Radio frequency exposure information. Radio frequency emissions limits in the USA. Radio frequency emissions limits in Canada. USA public safety bands (764-776 MHz and 794-806 MHz). Frequency band reserved for distress beacons. Australia and New Zealand citizens band (476.4 to 477.4 MHz). Health, safety, and electromagnetic compatibility in Europe. Interference with electronic devices. Potentially explosive atmospheres and blasting areas. NI-branded radios (TP8100/TP9100 only). Radio installation and operation in vehicles. Vehicle charger installation and operation (portable radios only). Radio protection when charging the vehicle battery (mobile radios only). Electromagnetic compatibility in European vehicles. Unapproved modifications or changes to radio. High radio surface temperatures (mobile radios only). Use of lithium-ion batteries (portable radios only). Short-circuiting battery contacts (portable radios only).

    TM9400 User's Guide

    , February 2021, english
    , February 2021, french
    , February 2021, portuguese
    , February 2021, spanish
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    Installation Documentation

    T02-00004-0206/T02-00004-0207 TM Rugged External Speaker 15W Installation Instructions

    , June 2020, english

    T02-00025-1002/1003 GPS Receiver Installation Instructions

    T02-00073-AAAx Hand-Held Control Head Installation Instructions

    , July 2018, english

    TM9300/TM9400 Installation Guide

    Safety and regulatory warnings. Installation options. Power sense and connector power Supply options. Installing the radio.

    TM9456 Dual-Radio Installation and Programming Guide

    Preparing the installation. Installing a dual-radio system. Programming a dual-radio system, Quick reference.
    , July 2016, english
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    Specification Documentation

    TM9300/TM9400 Interface Specs Manual

    TM9400 Specifications Manual

    Introduction. Receiver specifications. Transmitter specifications. General specifications.
    , February 2021, english